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With the financial support of the Youth Foundation, an initiative by the National Assembly of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan (NAYORA) and ASYOU, a conference was held in ADA University-“Youth Organizations for the achievement of SDG"

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With the financial support of the Youth Foundation, an initiative by the National Assembly of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan (NAYORA), and with the support of ASYOU, a conference was held in the ADA University-“Youth Organizations for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals”.

Chairman of the board Mariam Madjidova, speaking at the conference, pointed out the importance of solving poverty, taking measures against inequality and fighting climate change for a better future. Madjidova also highlighted, her extensive information research on social media under the hashtag #heçkəskənardaqalmasın.

United Nations Development Program Expert for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Delavar Barakzai, announced the results of an online survey -“Express your opinion about Sustainable Future!”

Later a video clip was shown “ Join the Sustainable Development Goals”.

At the conference the Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the National Coordination Council on Sustainable Development, Ali Ahmedov, expressed his satisfaction with the joining forces of youth organizations for the global projects on the Sustainable Development Goals. Deputy Prime Minister noted that Azerbaijan joined the new global SDGs, uniting 17 SDGs and 169 UN Goals in 2015. By decree of President Ilham Aliyev from 6 October 2016, the creation of National Coordination Council on Sustainable Development in the Republic of Azerbaijan is another improant step in the development of cooperation between our country and the UN. The government of Azerbaijan effectively cooperates with the UN office in this field and uses the potential of our youth for the achievement of SDGs , making a valuable contribution to this process.

Ali Ahmedov reported that the Government of Azerbaijan at this stage is performing all assignments in the implementation of SDGs. 45% of Azerbaijan’s population are people under 30. The participation of our youth in the realization of the global project shows that they are not left aside from the development of Azerbaijan. Direct involvement of the youth in socio-economic development, makes an additional contribution in the overall development.

“The growth of world population makes the problem of migration serious. Azerbaijan also suffers from this problem. More than a million of our population finds themselves as refugees in their own country and as internally displaces persons due to the war aggressions of Armenia. The solution to these problems - are important tasks, facing governments and humanity “ – Ali Ahmedov highlights.

Additionally, the Chairman of the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs, Hijran Huseynov stated that one of the important SDGs is gender equality. Serious work is being done in Azerbaijan in that aspect. The focus is on the special place of women in the society, their active participation in the development of the state. Because half of the population are women, one of the important goals is to raise their believe in the possibility of their roles in executive positions. In Azerbaijan majority of the education, culture and health workers are women. According to the youth organizations, Azerbaijan has reached serious successes in the provision of gender equality. This means that Azerbaijani society is very well aware of the meaning of it. In this direction, enlightenment work should be strengthened.

Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Intigam Babayev noted that recently the government programs adopted in Azerbaijan, the SDGs are well reflected. We are striving to achieve these goals. In the recent years our country has made significant work in the propaganda of SDGs.

Moreover, the chairman of ASYOU, Faik Mamamdov talked about the survey made among the Azerbaijan Youth Organizations - “Express your opinion about sustainable future!”. He stated that for ASYOU it is important to listen to the opinions of students and weight their propositions.   He also noted that the participation of Azerbaijan Youth Organizations in the conference highlights its role a partner on the initiative of NAYORA , pointing out that the survey is made amongst 101 middle and higher education institutions.

The conference concluded with the presentation of nationalization of Sustainable Development Goals.