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The conference of topic “The role of youth organizations in promoting national and moral values” was held

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The conference titled "The Role of Youth Organizations in Promoting National-moral Values" was organized by the State Committee for Religious Organizations and the Youth Foundation. Executive director of the Union of Student Youth Organizations of Azerbaijan Faig Mammadov attended the conference.
First of all, SCWG chairman Mubariz Gurbanli said that Azerbaijan preserves national and moral values and features of our people, that these values based on the Azerbaijani people are based on the principles of statehood founded by national leader Heydar Aliyev, and important work is underway to protect and propagate national and moral values in Azerbaijan this work will continue.
Then spoke Executive Director of the Youth Foundation Farid Jafarov. He noted that the propaganda of moral values in the roots of all conflicts is not correct, the great leader Heydar Aliyev pursued an important policy in promoting and propagating spiritual values and that this policy was successfully continued by President Ilham Aliyev today.
Aydan Kerimli, advisor to the Department of Youth Policy and Sports of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan, touched on the importance of using the potential of young people in promoting national and spiritual values and urged youth organizations to be active in this area.
Executive Director of ASYOU Faig Mammadov noted that in the current period the globalization process continues in the background of national and moral values and its role in the formation of the Azerbaijani people is also great. He said youth organizations should promote national-moral values through information and communication technologies, and rapid development of information technologies will lead to positive changes, and will further promote national and spiritual values through social networks.