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General information about ASYOU

Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations’ Union” was founded on 20 November 2009. The Union of Students and Youth Organization integrates 101 public and private high schools. Among this higher education institutions there are not only capital, but also regional universities

The main purpose of Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations’ Union is to help high schools with developing, support interests of student and their protection, also to provide their activity in the socio-political, cultural, social and economic life.

To achieve this goal, the Association operates in the following areas:

- To encourage the students in their scientific and education researches by organizing contests, competitions, scientific and entertaining games, seminars, round tables;

- To increase their activity in the social life of young students;

- To protect student’s rights;

- To promote human values among young people, to increase their role in the development of civil society;

- To organize measures to form the spirit of patriotism and commitment to national values;

- To organize cultural events in order to achieve effective organization of students’ leisure;

- To prevent negative habits among young people particular against drug addiction, alcoholism;

- To ensure the participation of talented and creative students in competition within the country and abroad, at exhibitions, festivals and sports competitions.